Desarrollador/a IAM (accesos identidades)

Provincia: hibrido

Developer. Identity and Access Management is a core driver for Information Security.
The Identity Lifecycle and Access Provisioning (ILandAP) cluster is tasked to continuously develop and enhance our IAM solutions, harden their resilience against attackers and keep the access management efficient, traceable and secure to ensure that the IT services are in line with the audit requirements.
The 1IM (One Identity Manager) Developer holds a key role and is responsible for IAM software development within a global team which is part of the IAM tribe inside our central Information Security function.
Developer is responsible for developing software, setting up technical solutions and integrating them in our Identity and Access Management products.
The developer is in close alignment with the IAM architect and product.
Tecnologías: IAM, identity,
Tipo de Contrato: 
Salario: 42000 € – 48000 € Bruto/año
Experiencia: 3 años
Funciones: Ciberseguridad
Formación mínima: 
Otros títulos, certificaciones y carnets
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