Head of Blockchain Adoption (m/w/d)

Empresa: Michael Page
Provincia: International

Perfil buscado (Hombre/Mujer)

• Generate external Blockchain leads for ecosystem onboarding and support the Head of Dev Rel in their integration
• Continuously develop and maintain positive and productive partnerships with existing ecosystem projects and Blockchains, foster trust and mutual respect
• Engage relevant stakeholders for amplifying product positioning, incorporate feedback
• Identify new partnership opportunities and negotiate collaboration agreements that align with the foundation´s goals and budget
• Monitor and analyse the performance of ecosystem growth programs, use data to inform decision making and optimisation
• Stay up-to-date with Blockchain industry trends and best practices for ecosystem growth
• Establish yourself as a community leader in the ecosystem
• Manage a team of Business Development professionals

• Grow the ecosystem of a cutting edge Blockchain as Head of Adoption (m/w/d)|Obtain a leadership role in a fast-growing company
• 2+ years of professional experience in an ecosystem growth role for a relevant L1 or L2 is a MUST
• Strong technical background and understanding is a MUST
• Pronounced passion and enthusiasm for public permissionless Blockchains and their use-cases
• Highly pronounced work ethics, willingness and ability to work very hard
• Ability to lead multiple global projects
• Excellent planning and project management skills
• Extroverted, proactive team player
• Strong self-initiative but also the ability to take directives

Our client is one of the most promising upcoming L1s. Based on advanced ZK-computations, particularly Secure Multiparty Computation, it can function as a regulatory compliant privacy layer to existing Blockchains.

Its adoption, amongst others, pivots around the integration with existing external Blockchain networks to incorporate external tokens as liquid twins and thus enable cross-chain collaboration.

As Head of Blockchain Adoption, you will be responsible for growing the ecosystem by acquiring and onboarding new Blockchains and projects. Through key stakeholder engagement, you will therefore fill a crucial role in contributing to the foundation´s vision of transforming Web3.

• Highly competitive compensation in both fiat and tokens
• Leadership role within a Blockchain ecosystem with massive growth potential
Tecnologías: Blockchain ,Web3
Tipo de Contrato: 
Salario: Sin especificar
Experiencia: 3-5 años
Funciones: Jefe de Equipo
Descubre más: https://www.tecnoempleo.com/head-of-blockchain-adoption-m-w-d-international/blockchain-web3/rf-fb4d167fc25163edaa43

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